H2air on board with Clarisse

H2air is partnering with the skipper Clarisse Crémer. The 33-year-old woman plans to participate to the Vendée Globe 2024 - a solo, non-stop and unassisted world tour - on the monohull called L'Occitane en Provence. Clarisse holds the women's record for the 2020 edition, she completed it in 87 days, 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Beyond our mutual environmental commitments, H2air shares the cause of “Race for Equity” that Clarisse will carry all around the globe during the race,” explains Roy Mahfouz, founding president of H2air.

 Race for equity
Like H2air, Clarisse is really committed to professional equity between women and men, especially since her unfortunate experience in early 2023. After giving birth to her daughter in November 2022, Clarisse was abandoned by her main sponsor, who got the impression that motherhood would prevent her from sufficient participation in races to ensure her qualification for the Vendée Globe 2024.
An episode that revealed the inequalities regarding women / men in sports, particularly sailing, where strong improvements remain to be accomplished : only 6 female skippers participated in the Vendée Globe 2020.Clarisse therefore named her new project with L’Occitane en Provence “Race for equity”. “My personal story implies that I want to impulse change in our society so that women no longer have to choose between motherhood and a career in sports,” she explained. 
Offshore development for H2air
By partnering with a nature-loving sportswoman, H2air is also strengthening its sea legs : the group intends to apply for upcoming offshore wind tenders. “This partnership illustrates the new path of H2air, namely to intensify its global footprint and diversify its portfolio,” explains Roy Mahfouz.H2air employees became the first supporters of Clarisse Crémer, from her participation in the Défi Azimut in September (where she took 10th place with her British teammate Alan Roberts), through the Transat Jacques Vabre, where she crossed the finish line in 9th place, and for all the races before the Vendée Globe.
Clarisse crossed the line of the single-handed transatlantic race Retour à La Base in Lorient on December 11th in 12th position. After 11 days across the atlantic, she is now one step closer to qualification for the 2024 Vendée Globe !
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 2023, what a year !
After a quick stop in Lorient at the end of the year, Clarisse Cremer team brought the boat back to England. The IMOCA is in "refit" mode, meaning it's out of the water for few weeks, pampered, and prepared for the upcoming races by the technical team. A great opportunity to reflect on our partnership with Clarisse over these intense and so inspiring past 4 months !
September 2023... we become an official partner of Clarisse Crémer in her Vendée Globe journey, alongside L'Occitane en Provence. Shortly after, we experienced a race by her side for the first time : the Défi Azimut, where Clarisse ranks in the top 10 ! A great performance and above all, the opportunity to test the duo with Alan Roberts in preparation for...... the Transat Jacques Vabre ! Delayed due to bad weather, Clarisse and Alan crossed the finish line in Martinique, in 9th position ! The duo's goal was to finish the race, so "a top 10 is truly a celebration," explains Clarisse ! Before this race, H2air employees also had the opportunity to enter the heart of the IMOCA for an immersive visit aboard the boat.
... Then the Retour à la base... Solo ! Mission accomplished for our champion who crossed the finish line in 12th position, taking an additional step towards qualifying for the Vendée Globe 2024 ! The skipper shares: "Overall, I learned a lot ! For me, the transition between the Transat Jacques Vabre and Return to Base was the best possible: you do a double-handed race, you're tired, but you stay in the solo mode !"
One of the most inspiring aspects of Clarisse's navigation is her ongoing commitment to equity, especially in such a demanding field as sailing : "Race for Equity". She sailed with determination, breaking gender barriers and becoming a role model for all those who dream of pursuing their passions, regardless of societal expectations."Coming back to competition after pregnancy, returning to solo sailing after 3 years, rebuilding a team, managing life as a mom, sailor, and a sailor's wife : I can say I haven't been idle this year ! I felt it... in the middle of the Atlantic, my body said STOP ! But I held on and arrived safely ! I had to set aside the frustration of the competitor not to lose sight of the goal... Because with these two transats under my belt, I'm getting very close to my dream of Vendée Globe..." concludes Clarisse.
The year 2023 has been a year of overcome challenges, celebrated successes, and shared inspirations. Bravo Clarisse, we are proud to accompany you on this beautiful adventure ! Thank you 2023, 2024, here we come to proudly uphold the values of equity, adventure, environmental respect, and performance !

Clarisse's agenda

Transat CIC

Start on April, 28th 2024 from Lorient
Finish at New York

New York - Vendée

Start on May, 29th, 2024 from New York
Finish at Sables-d'Olonne

Vendée Globe 2024

Start on November, 10th 2024 from Sables-d’Olonne
Finish at Sables-d'Olonne