Founded in France in 2008, H2air is an independent renewable electricity producer
supported by experienced professionals who dedicate their know-how to wind and solar projects in France and abroad.

The group 


H2air with its subsidiaries H2air PX and H2air GT cover each stage of the project, from development to operational management, through construction. The strong synergy between our different expertise ensures us an optimal project management.

The group as branches in Tunisia, Lebanon, Germany, Romania and France.

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We are proud to produce the energy of Peace

President & Founder of the H2air Group

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> Consultation
> Energy Yield Assessment
> Impact Reduction
> Project Financing

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> Turnkey Solutions
> Civil and Electrical Engineering
> Site Monitoring and Cost Control

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> On behalf of third parties
> Production Monitoring and Optimization
> Infrastructure Maintenance
> Administrative Management



In response to the ecological emergency, H2air produces renewable electricity with human respect for the environnement, in accordance with team's convictions.

H2air producteur d'électricité renouvelable


Le groupe - H2air


A shipbuilding engineer by trade, Roy Mahfouz invested himself in wind power very early on, driven by his strong conviction.

After heading wind power development in France for a German company, Roy founded H2air in Amiens at the end of 2007.

A member of the Board of Directors of France Énergie Éolienne since 2016, Roy Mahfouz has chaired the Environment Commission since 2017. He is also a member of the steering committee of the Franco-German Office for Energy Transition.



Guillemet - H2AIR, producteur indépendant d'électricité renouvelable

« As an entrepreneur and an engaged citizen, I am proud of my team. We produce a peaceful energy, without risk to people or the planet. »


Its founding president, Roy MAHFOUZ is surrounded by a strategic committee, made up of its two deputy managing directors Camille VANDENBEUCK, Loïc ESPAGNET, and Tamara PAQUET, General Counsel, director of legal affairs.


Camille VANDENBEUCK, Directrice générale déléguée aux finances



Chief Financial Officer

An engineer from MINES Paris, Camille joined the renewable electricity producer team in 2015, and created the Project Financing & Investment department in 2019, responsible for project financing, sales and acquisitions as well as strategic purchasing for the group.




Chief Operating Officer for Development & Communication

This graduate in philosophy and communication holds an Executive MBA from EDHEC. Loïc Espagnet was previously Director of Wind Development department. Working in the sector since 2004, Loïc is the regional delegate of France Énergie Éolienne in the North of France. 



Loïc ESPAGNET, Directeur général délégué au développement & à la communication
Tamara PAQUET, General Counsel


General Counsel

Working in renewable energy since 2006, Tamara Paquet is corporate lawyer and she founded the clean electricity producer’s Legal department. Since 2019, she is member of the General Counsel Leadership Circle. Graduated from Liège University in European law and French-German business law (Dijon/Mayence).



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