H2air contribues to fight against energy poverty

H2air contribues to fight against energy poverty

Jeudi 20 Juillet 2023 à 00h00

H2air is one of the 18 signatories of the partner’s charter of Synergie Renouvelable, a charitable endowment fund of renewable energies european sector.

This tool has been implemented by this organization to boost the financing of humanitarian energy access projects. « Synergie Renouvelable’s annual budget is 500 000 euros. Considering the vitality of renewable energies sector, we thought we could do more than that. That’s why we implement this charter », explains Priska Sarraméa, Synergie Renouvelable’s general delegate.

The charter features a mechanism to collect which will indeed facilitate a rise : the sponsors of a project will have the opportunity to make a collective donation through the creation of a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicule, a legal entity dedicated to investment undertaking), at each 0,15 % of the transaction amount. Each donation will be 60 % tax deductible.

The charter’s signatories are usually committed to contribute to a solidarity project before december 31st, 2023, but a 12 months period, as of the commitment date, will be allowed to them.

H2air should take action far before this : a donation is being considered as early as this summer. « We also work with partners to implement something bigger till the end of the year », states Lucie Juhué, head of project finance & investment.

H2air therefore contributes to a huge case : Synergie Renouvelable aims to give energy access to 1 million people more before 2025, especially in Africa and developing countries, with the help of its network of 83 NGO.

In recent years, the endowment fund contributed, for example, to the building and the electification of a maternity ward in Mali, a training centrer for renewable energies in Ghana, a solar school in Burkina Faso or solar lanterns leasing in Benin (photo). « Signing this charter means a CSR commitment for us », underscores Lucie Juhué.