Adoption of the CSR charter

Adoption of the CSR charter

Mercredi 07 Décembre 2022 à 14h00

During the seminar of the end of the year, all H2air employees signed and adopted the CSR charter.

Aware of the ecological and social emergency in the world, the members of the H2air group work daily to find innovative solutions to deploy renewable electricity with the least possible impact. This common commitment has taken the form of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) charter through which each department and each employee commits individually and collectively.


A work of collective reflection

This approach is the result of reflection by the various departments with the establishment of objectives in order to:

  • reduce the environmental impact of the company
  • improve relations with our partners and service providers and thus promote values ​​such as social cohesion or even proximity
  • develop responsible human resources behavior and thus allow each employee to flourish in cohesion with the values ​​of H2air